Gretchen Engle Lamothe, here, a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher in Seasocast NH.

Yoga to me was a life changer. It taught me that I could feel good (physically AND mentally) and it gave me the tools to accomplish that.  When I first started practicing I would fantasize with my friend about the two of us going off on a retreat and becoming teachers. At the time it was just day dreaming but now I’ve accomplished that and I get to teach other people how to feel good. As much as I love teaching in a studio there’s only so much I can actually teach in a 60 or 75 minute class; and that’s why I started my blog, The Nerdy Yogi. I want to be a source for any yogi who wants to learn more, just like me.

What I do

I teach yoga to people who want to feel good. I truly believe that if people feel better they act better, and this world needs more people who feel good. Vinyasa yoga was my introduction to the yoga world and that’s what I’ve been teaching for the past five years. As I’ve learned more about the human body and mind connection though I’ve started to gear towards a more therapeutic yoga practice.   My focus isn’t on the acheiving the fancy poses but on why we do the poses at all. Yoga can help anyone feel better if they commit, so I strive to make the practice I teach specific to who I’m teaching. If you’re ready to learn I’m ready to take the trip with you.

I’m still learning, and would love to help you learn too.

My goal is to share what I learn with as many people as I can. I do that through group classes both at 3 Bridges Yoga and Yoga on York. I started a blog to share what can’t be taught in a group class. And my favorite way to teach is one on one. That’s where the magic happens. Where together we can dive into why you’re feeling what, and explore together how your body works best. So whether you’ve never even seen a yoga mat  or you’ve practiced daily for decades, if you have any desire to learn more I’d love to work with you. Click here if you want to explore working together.

I’ll see you on the mat.

<3 G

Some specific training I have completed:

  • Yoga Tune Up  with Trina Altman E-RYT 500
  • Yoga for a Happy Back with Rachel Krentzman, PT, E-RYT
  • Yoga for Arthritis with Steffany Moonaz, PhD, RYT-500
  • Massage 101 for yoga teachers with Amy Hopkins RN, LMT, CCCE, E-RYT